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The Wizard's Diary by Robert J. Bradshaw
Audiobook ExcerptNarrated by Alan Turton
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There is only one spell in the entire world…or so everyone thought.

The first book of an enthralling new series that invites readers to explore a world filled with eccentric characters, thrilling adventures, and powerful magic!


Aarghathlain is having a great day as he strolls up Middling Street. As a Wizard of the Spire, he is confident of many things, but none more so than the fact that there is only One True Spell, and he is a master of it. He couldn't be more wrong. By lunchtime, Aargh will be running for his life, having saved a little girl from the clutches of the Footman, and wondering how his world could have turned so completely upside down!


The Wizard's Diary is a compelling story filled with exciting twists and turns, brimming with pure love and wonder. At the center of it all is the mystery that fills Aargh's heart...who is this magical little girl and why have they been brought together?


Robert J. Bradshaw's innovative and unpredictable storytelling style will keep you guessing right up to the book's remarkable climax. Readers will be clamoring to hear more about Aargh and his friends' extraordinary adventures as the series continues!


Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Robert J. Bradshaw's The Wizard's Diary, a heartwarming adventure filled with love, loss, and magic.

Book 1 of The Wizard's Diary Series


MAP - Ancient Quadropolis

Ancient Quadropolis

Tree 4 - FINAL LINE DRAWING_edited_edite

The Mother Tree & Wrudge


MAP - Gemini City

Gemini City

(Modern Day)

The Sword Guildebrande by Robert J. Bradshaw

I am The Sword Guildebrandeprotector of the Wizard Aarghathlain. Challenge me and fall!

Magic is in the air, and the streets are filled with people celebrating Gemini City’s rebirth after the Great Fire. That is, until their revelry is interrupted by the arrival of the Norters. Shocked and scared, the Spire wizards challenge Aargh’s leadership, looking for answers (and, more importantly, someone to blame). However, Aargh, who must deal with problems of his own, is nowhere to be found! Determined to locate him, Holly-Mine sets out into the night, facing the dangers of the world alone.


Captive aboard the Marauders’ ship, Aargh struggles to regain his magical powers. When all seems lost, help comes from an unlikely place. With the aid of his new familiar, Aargh rediscovers his magical powers only to learn how dire the situation is. Aargh’s wizarding skill has only begun to be tested, and no one, least of all Aargh, knows if he will be up to the task!


Join Aargh and Holly-Mine in their swashbuckling, magical adventure on the high seas! Make new friends, and dangerous enemies, as they begin the journey to Ardilakk.


Book 2 in The Wizard’s Diary series

by Robert J. Bradshaw


GUILDEBRANDE - DESIGN - Prosperity (For Web).jpg

The Schooner Prosperity

Gemini City Flag

The Ancient Quadropolis by Robert J. Bradshaw


Have you ever wondered what TTM taught his imaginary students on the steps of the Congregational House? Hear TTM's lecture, in his own words, as he expounds upon the history of Ardilakk Valley, the Ancient Quadropolis, and the burning of Eastie and Westie Nort (from the Sowtown's perspective, of course).


From The Wizard's Diary:


Often, during these events, TTM pretended he was a renowned professor at the Gemini City School of Wizarding. In fact, that was what he was doing right now during the ascension of the latest Lord of Marble House to Master Prefect. With his head held high, TTM imagined talking down to the lowly students. It wouldn't matter if they listened or not; they would never know as much as he did. Bored with the cheering and bowing and drinking (can't forget the drinking as there was a lot of that going on), TTM slipped away in his mind…


Supplemental reading to The Wizard's Diary, The Ancient Quadropolis provides insight into the world's past and possibly, its future!

The Ancient Quadropolis is a

Wizard's Diary Series Short Story